In this article, the Luddite Argument stands out to me.  I completely agree with all the points.  First of all, the "naked scanners" at the airport seem really sketch and awkward.  I think airports should just continue with the metal detectors, maybe making them more advanced, but get rid of the full body scanners.  They say that the information stored will be kept confidential, but what happens if someone does hack into the biometric info, or what if it is leaked by accident?  I also agree with what the author says about "this isn't Luddism-it's caution" (Solove).  People aren't afraid of new technology, they are afraid of the new technology leaking their personal information into unwanted hands.  And then if such personal info is stolen, it isn't always as easy to fix.  Some people's lives can be ruined forever through new technology.  Sometimes it is just better to stop advancing and
The story Once Upon A Time is a fairytale parody which incorporates world wide issues into what is usually a very light story.  When I first read the story I interpreted it in a literal way.  I understood most of it, though I didn't know why the father's mother was referred to as "the witch."  I think my strengths in story analysis and comprehension are being able to visualize and paint pictures of the story in my head.  I can catch some metaphors, but some are a little more difficult.  Reading the end part of the story, the wall didn't symbolize anything for me.  After the class discussion it now makes sense that the wall installed around the house indicates the segregation between different races.  I think I need to improve my question asking.  I am not that great at asking questions in my head about the story. 
This letter written by Stephen Fry has to do with the anti-gay laws put in place in Russia.  After reading this article I now realize the law isn't simply "if one is gay they are put in jail."  The Russian anti-gay laws set out to ban gay propaganda and shield minors from non-traditional sexual relations.  First of all, before I read the article I had heard snippets of information about this issue but had never heard the full story or who was involved.  After reading I had a better understanding of this global situation and can now make connections.  When I read this article I was definitely pretty shocked at how parts of the world are progressing or, in this case, regressing.  Here in the Western world we have had major advancements when it comes to equality and social acceptance.  The way Russia is acting seems to be a huge step backwards.  Why does this country feel the need to put these laws into place if it will not help in any way with establishing a better, well-rounded country?  Why is it that discrimination, a word that seems so ancient, is appearing in the news and around the world again?  We should be advancing and becoming more mature, not taking major steps in the wrong direction.